News flash: Pizza, cheese fries and baby back ribs are not beauty food.

While most of us seem to have our macronutrient consumption in place (fats, carbs, protein) we are arguably lacking in what is really needed for optimal health and wellness: micronutrients. To the rescue is Raw Complexions, a beauty food duo that delivers essential vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, anti-oxidants and other goodies in the form of a superfood powder supplement. 

While the conventional marketing machine seems to be consistently more focused on outer beauty, the well informed health seeker understands that true beauty and wellness begins on the inside. Agreed.  When Maddison Osburn and Kristina Temelkovski set out to make their beauty food product, inner beauty was foremost on their minds.  Having crossed paths with enough women with unresolved skin issues they came to the conclusion that there was a serious shortage of products on the market to address skin issues internally. This was the genesis behind Raw Complexions– a pair of superfood powder blends, each one with a specific purpose.  Skin Balance is a mix of herbs and greens that is aimed at skin renewal and slowing down the signs of aging.  Skintox is a potent mix of superfoods and Chinese herbs designed to detox the liver, a common problem in many stubborn skin conditions such as rosasea and acne. We spoke recently to the Raw Complexions duo about their complexion dream team.


  • What was the inspiration behind Raw Complexions?

We wanted to create a skincare brand that focused on providing women with quality inner and outer skincare products at an affordable price point. A brand that was social media savvy and that women would love to use and feel confident using. We found there was a huge gap in the market for inner beauty products to treat the skin internally, there was so much focus on topical creams etc but not enough about what to put into our bodies for an external glow. 


  • Tell us about both of your formulations, Skin Balance and Skintox.

We started off with our Skintox Beauty Food powder supplement which is a great detox and cleanse for your skin from within. It works directly on the liver to dispose of toxins and purify the blood whilst providing oxygen to the skin. After Skintox had been on the market for 6 months we wanted to create a complementary powder supplement that would work to further benefit and treat specific skin conditions. We then released Skin Balance Beauty Food which is an alkalizing green blend that focuses on anti-ageing, hydration and increasing skin cell turnover and as such a product suitable for any woman needing an extra boost of hydration.

  • What was the most challenging aspect in formulating an effective superfood supplement?

We really wanted to differentiate ourselves from other brands and so we tried to include ingredients that women had probably never heard of nor were already adding to their daily diet.  Selecting and testing specific ingredients that compliment each other was definitely the hardest part of creating our products. We obviously also wanted to source only the best ingredients from around the world whilst keeping the formula tailored to treat the skin specifically. 


  • Why do you think a supplement such as yours is necessary in this day and age?

Everyone is much more health focused than they were 15 years ago.  There is a lot more information out there on superfoods and people are educating themselves much more on what is right for their skin. People may inform themselves by reading blogs and reviews about amazing superfoods and ingredients that do wonders for their skin but think…”wait where on earth am I going to find that and how will I include it into my diet?” So to that end, we have basically hand selected superior ingredients tailored to treat the skin, bottled it and simplified it for women world wide!


  • You have some Outer beauty products coming soon.  Please tell. 

It has been a long time in the making but we are getting closer to the release of our outer beauty line. We are currently developing high quality cosmeceutical skin care at an affordable price point. The products will gradually be released and will be categorized according to specific skin conditions. Formulated by ourselves along with a team of medical and healthcare professionals…stay tuned!